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PnB Rock
PnB Rock

PnB Rock: Today we will get information about PNB Rock as to who it is, what it does, what it does not do. Where it belongs to, and how much it earns, today we will know all about it with full information in this page.

Who is pnb rock

PNB Rock is an American rapper who serves as a lyrical actor and signatory. PNB Rock is also on YouTube, the most searched YouTube channel in the United Kingdom (UK).

PNB Rock real name is "Rakim Hashim Allen", also known by his stage name 'PNB Rock'.

Rakim Hashim Allen, also known by his stage name PnB Rock, is an American actor from Philadelphia.

PnB Rock is also known for its 2016 single from its 2015 single "Fleek" to 2016. It is number 51 from America's 100 Billboard Hot Men. PNB Rock has released two studio albums Catch in Vibes and Trapstar in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Turn Popstar was released. PNB Rock was selected as part of the XXL Freshman Class in 2017.

Pnb rock first studio album

Rakim Hashim Allen released his first studio album "Catch in Vibes" on Atlantic Record in 2017. This debut album reached the B-Hip-Hop Chart 7 in the American Rap United State.

PNB Rock second album

PNB Rock released their second album "Trapstar Turn Popstar" in 2019. Its second album reached the US Rap Chart 1 and Hip-Hop Chart 2 in the United States, as well as reaching fourth in the Billboard Chart 200 and 14th in Canada. PNB Rock certified platinum upon arrival.

Property of pnb rock

Talking about the wealth of Rakim Hashim Allen (Pnb Rock), he also has income from a YouTuber, lyricist actor and signer, today his total assets are more than $ 3 million.

When was pnb rock born

Talking about the birth of Pnb Rock (Rakim Hasheem Allen), he was born on December 9, 1991 in the neighborhood of Germantown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

About PNB Rock

When he was 3 when his father was killed, Rakim Hashim Ellen was raised primarily by his mother. He lived in Northeast Philadelphia since childhood.

I wanted to grow up to be like the rapper 2 PAC and the & B group duo. When Rakim Hashim Allen was 11 years old, he was sent to jail for robbery, for assault in school and for organizing an anti-youth program. 

When Rakim Hashim Allen was 19 years old, he was sent to prison for 33 months for drug and other criminal incidents. Rakim Hashim Allen had been homeless from his home for some period after he was released from prison.

Pnb Rock (Rakim Hashim Allen) could not even complete his high school. He later adopted the stage name "PNB Rock" by Rakim Hashim Allen. Which later proved to be a tribute to Palerius and Beton.

How many children does pnb rock have

PNB Rock has two children, both daughters and the first daughter named "Milne" born on October 22, 2013 and the second daughter "Zuri Lee" who was born on March 27, 2020. His wife's name is Stephanie Sibouenhuang, who was also his girlfriend in the past.


Who is PnB Rock Girlfriend?

PNB Rock girlfriend is Stephanie Sibounhuang, who the two married in 2011. She then has two daughters, the first daughter named "Milne" and the second daughter named "Zuri Li Sibounhuang".

Is PnB Rock Pakistani?

Yes, Rakim Hashim Allen, better known by his stage name PnB Rock, is an American Pakistani hip hop singer, rapper and songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

Does PnB Rock Have a Baby?

No, PNB Rock has two children, the first is Milne and the second is Zuri Li Sibounhuang.

What was PnB Rock's first song?

PNB Rock first song in 2014 was titled It was a mix and rap of rock and R&B.

Does PnB Rock have siblings?

PNB Rock sister is "Jasmine Allen".

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